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Dedicated to refined lovers of 'soul and speech.

A sphere of thoughts which speaks of you and will embellish whichever space it is destined to.

The ten stages of processing

​The “Caterine” are small designer jewels made from lime spheres , each one  custom made with designs and texts  engraved with fire . An elegant and unique object to either collect or give as a gift. Giorgio Amadei  idea is not only to produce precious works of art but to involve he  who chooses to buy them as a co- author in the creation.

In fact, you choose the text to be engraved, which can be a passage from a book particularly dear to you, a poem, the celebration of an event or  the sharing of a personal emotion, a never fading testimony of love or passion. In this way a designer object is transformed in the most original way to convey an intimate and personal message.


Through these objects you discover the real value of  exclusivity, as they are unique works of art, made entirely by hand, messengers of the real “Made in Italy” where, in spite of everything, the artistic and creative flair continues to live.
A dedicated decoration, the name of the author or title of the derived text and serial number engraver complete each “Caterina”.
The “Caterina” are available only online on this website or through authorized channels.
The production takes place in a laboratory situated in the Montefeltro territory, in the Urbino area, from where they reach any location worldwide, protected by their own solid wooden container.


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